Overhead Door Distributor Wm. S. Trimble Co., Inc. expands to Chattanooga

Chattanooga Expansion

KNOXVILLE, TENN. – Overhead Door Red Ribbon Distributor Wm. S. Trimble Co., Inc. is celebrating its expansion into Chattanooga, Tennessee, by adding Overhead Door Company of Chattanooga into its long tradition of providing quality products with great service.

With a tradition that spans more than 80 years, Knoxville-based Wm. S. Trimble Company partnered with Overhead Door Corporation as a major supplier soon after its founding in 1936. Now Wm. S. Trimble Company is bringing that tradition to Chattanooga where the distributorship will be run with the same dedication to quality and service.

The Overhead Door™ brand of products has long stood for product quality, expertise, and professional service and is one of the most recognized brands in the industry. Overhead Door products and services include both commercial overhead doors and access systems as well as residential garage doors and openers. Wm. S. Trimble Company is proud to serve the needs of businesses and homeowners in the nearby Chattanooga community.

About Wm. S. Trimble Company

Tennessee-based Wm. S. Trimble Co., Inc. serves East Tennessee and the surrounding area from its headquarters in Knoxville, Tenn., as well as the Overhead Door Company locations in Knoxville, Johnson City, and Chattanooga. Founded in 1936, Wm. S. Trimble Company provides hardware, service, and technical expertise for commercial and residential doors, windows, hardware, dock equipment, and more. Visit or call (865) 573-1911 for more information.

About Overhead Door Company of Chattanooga

Overhead Door Company of Chattanooga is an Overhead Door Red Ribbon Distributor offering the innovative design and manufacturing superiority of Overhead Door products for residential garage doors and openers and commercial overhead doors, operators, and accessories. This unique industry model provides a single source for commercial and residential customers to access knowledgeable, reliable, and fast service and installation.

Call (423) 867-4354 for more information about Overhead Door Company of Chattanooga.

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